Let’s recycle together!

Let’s recycle together!

I’m sure we all are aware of the growing concern regarding global warming, climate change,
and environmental pollution. If you look at the big picture, then it might seem like quite the
daunting task of trying to “fix” the world’s pollution problem single-handedly. Plastics, metals,
aluminum, and glass are some of the most common non-biodegradable materials. This can be
a concern in the dental field considering the modern toothbrush consists of molded plastic,
rubber, and nylon bristles. All of these components can take up to 500 years to completely
decompose! With that kind of lifespan, combined with the average American disposing of 300
toothbrushes in their life, you can really see how that can add up.

However, a couple of years ago I discovered this amazing recycling program, TerraCycle, that
recycles, breaks down, and reuses all common household items that are typically
non-biodegradable. You can find my other post about TerraCycle here. Terracycle works with
brands, ambassadors, and stakeholders who fund the recycling process to help recycle those
non-biodegradable items that are filling up landfills. Terracycle has an internal Life Cycle
Assessment (LCA) department to ensure its recycling and reuse programs are environmentally
beneficial. Based on their assessments, TerraCycle’s recycling models outperform traditional
municipal waste management options in the U.S. by 45% impacting multiple categories
including global warming, human carcinogenic toxicity, and fossil resource scarcity.

Here at Polaris Family Dental, we are now a public drop-off location for TerraCycle’s Colgate
Oral Care Free Recycling Program! There will now be a box in our lobby for you to bring your
items to recycle. We can accept all toothbrushes, toothpaste cartons, floss containers, and the
packaging for those items. The items you bring in don’t even have to be clean, as long as no
items are dripping, we can recycle. I have always been passionate about the topic of recycling
so being a part of Colgate’s Oral Care Recycling Program is truly exciting!

In previous blogs, I have talked about the Humble Co Toothbrush and Bambo Earth’s Pure Silk
Eco Floss. While these are great products and eco-friendly options that I absolutely love, I will
be reluctant in saying that it can be easier to stock up on normal plastic toothbrushes and
toothpaste cartons. After all, you do receive a free toothbrush and a to-go-sized tube of
toothpaste after every visit to our office. If you are wanting to reduce your carbon footprint, but
don’t know where to start – start small. Gather up all of your used toothbrushes, empty
toothpaste cartons, and plastic packaging before your next dental appointment. You don’t even
have to be a patient of ours to donate! Share this with your friends and family and spread the
word about recycling.

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