Bambo Earth’s™ Pure Silk Eco Floss

Bambo Earth’s™ Pure Silk Eco Floss

I’m always on the hunt for products with reduced packaging and that are easy to recycle and/or compostable. Being a dentist, I have recently been focused on reducing my waste with oral hygiene products. While you probably already know that I prefer to use Reach™ Waxed mint floss and adamantly oppose any floss tape products, I am really unnerved by the big, bulky plastic packaging and the non-biodegradable nylon floss itself.

This led me to find Bambo Earth’s™ Pure Silk Eco Floss. I was impressed with the compostable packaging, the reusable and recyclable glass and stainless steel dispenser, and the biodegradable and organic silk floss. Tactilely, the floss felt very similar to the Reach™ floss, and it seemed very effective in removing that pesky interproximal debris! This is a flavorless floss so the mint taste that I usually prefer was absent.

Cost is really the only downside to the product. It was nearly $9 to purchase the floss with dispenser, and then once that floss is gone, it is another $9 to buy a package of 2 refills.

I will be composting the floss and the packaging at home and will provide updates on its progress. Feel free to send the office any eco-friendly products that you enjoy, and stay tuned as I give a review on bamboo toothbrushes and toothpaste tablets in the very near future! We will also be posting fun and innovative ways that you can recycle or reuse your household items locally soon.

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